Create Lady Like Balding Men? aˆ“ The Big Tinder Research

Create Lady Like Balding Men? aˆ“ The Big Tinder Research

One of the largest stresses of men with begun balding try whether or not female will nonetheless find them attractive.

Discover people that state their hairline does not matter in relation to bringing in lady, including other individuals that say they matters, MUCH.

We desired to get a hold of a convenient and efficient way of collecting facts from 1000s of people, therefore we ous online dating sites software Tinder.

The Experiment

(The man got balding in earliest pair of photos, therefore we photoshopped him to produce the visibility because of the full head of hair)

We held every single variable of users continuous except the hairlines so we can easily actually experiment the result with the different hairlines, without some other factors influencing the data.

When the profiles happened to be ready a nd in position, we changed the settings to demonstrate ladies within a long time of 18-30 and an authentic range of 15 kilometers.

We decided that age range because it signifies the majority of female on Tinder, plus we need girls that were most selective with regards to appearances (as earlier women can be expected to prioritize different traits).

The goal were to achieve 10’000 swipes per profile across 10 locations, which makes it 1000 swipes per urban area. Läs mer