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How To Sync Your iPhone With iTunes Wirelessly Over Wi

Apple iTunes is an all round solution for syncing your iOS coque samsung galaxy j3 2017 one piece devices. Apart from that, it also serves the purpose of backup and restore. In addition, when you coque fantaisie samsung j5 2017 have messed up with your device, iTunes comes to coque samsung s6 the rescue by coque dbz samsung j3 2017 letting you boot in coque de samsung galaxy j3 2016 pas cher recovery mode and get back your iPhone or iPad to life.

Traditionally, we all use USB lightning cable to sync our iPhone or iPad with iTunes. There another way to sync and that is by using Wi Fi connection. In case you have lost the lightning cable or it is coque gsm samsung a50 broken you can use Wi Fi to sync your iOS device coque bff samsung j3 2017 with iTunes. Below is the guide explaining the process, have coque samsung j5 2015 3d a look at it.

How to Sync iPhone with iTunes over Wifi Without CableStep 1. For the one time setup, you need to connect your iPhone or iPad with iTunes using USB Lightning cable.

Step 2. Open iTunesclick on the icon.

Step 3. On the left sidebar, click on 4. Bring cursor on the right side of the screen where Summary is displayed.

Step 5. Scroll down to section and check with this iPhone over Wi Fi 6. Apply the changes by clicking button located at bottom right of the screen. coque samsung transparente j3 2016 This will begin the syncing process via USB coque samsung a40 toy story cable.

Step 7. Once the sync process is completed, you can coque protection samsung j3 remove your iPhone or iPad USB connection.

Step coque samsung a70 8. Now on your iOS device, launch the Settings appTap on coque samsung a70 citation General.

Step 9. Tap on iTunes Wi Fi Sync.

Step 10. You should now see your PC or Mac name on the list.

Step 12. Tap the name of your PC or coque samsung galaxy j4 coque samsung a50 plus cheval Mac and coque pour j3 samsung 2017 then tap on Now to begin syncing over Wi Fi.

Please Note: You need to keep your iOS device in charging while syncing over Wi Fi. One more thing you should check is that your PC/Mac and iOS device should be in the same Wi Fi network.

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